Normand breed

Normand breed

EVOLUTION brings together 70% of the breeders and the Normand breed population. Deeply committed to the development and dynamics of the breed, EVOLUTION proposes many specific support and advice solutions:

The Normand Heifer Sector Charter 

The Normand Heifer Charter consists of making forecasts of Normand breeding females available for sale, beyond the envisaged needs for replacement. This forecast shared with the Normand Synergy grouping or Normandy Heifers makes it possible to have reciprocal priority for marketing females on the French and International markets.

The Charter equips the Normand breed with a network of breeders who are leaders in the diffusion of reproductive females of quality to supply dairy farmers and the dairy sector. It develops the surplus females produced by these same “multiplier” breeders providing them with an asset that can accelerate the reactivity and genetic and breeding quality of their livestock.



SIMUNOR est une étude personnalisée sur les performances économiques de votre exploitation en fonction de la composition raciale du troupeau. Elle est réalisée avec l’éleveur par un technicien spécialisé à l’aide d’un logiciel :

  • Farm technical and accounting data taken into account with more than 50 criteria recorded (products, charges, constraints…)
  • Assessment of the variations of EBE according to the contents of Normand cows
  • Thorough analysis of the technical and economic results to assess the most appropriate strategy for your livestock farm.

This service is available in the framework of the Normand heifer Charter and the OS Normand heifer service…


XP Lait is a total approach to accompany herd replacement. Relying in particular on innovative computer tools specifically developed by EVOLUTION, it optimizes matings so that the animals are the best medium and long term answer to the breeder’s objectives.

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XPerf is EVOLUTION’s answer to female genotyping. 

Because female genotyping is only profitable if it is used correctly, the EVOLUTION technicians support the breeders in their choices: Which female to choose? For what reasons? What genotyping strategy should I adopt in my farm?...

To find out more about the opportunities provided by genotyping, farmers are also offered a training program: Ypsum.

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The purpose of Ypsum, the very first training program designed for livestock farmers, is to accompany the farmers in the construction of their own replacement strategy, in particular by better control of the new reproduction and genetic technologies (genotyping, sexed semen, monitoring, focus on genomics…).

This innovative training program has also been followed in its condensed version by all of the EVOLUTION technicians so that each of them can give information of the same quality to all farmers.

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