Red and White breed

Red and White breed

EVOLUTION develops the breed in very close association with the France Red and White selection organization which develops common skills. The Red and White is a breed mainly established in the plains of North-Western Europe. In France, most of the herd population is in Brittany, but also in High and Lower Normandy and less importantly in the Massif Central.

To back up the advice of technicians, several guidance and training solutions have also been developed by EVOLUTION:


XPerf is EVOLUTION’s answer to female genotyping. 

Because female genotyping is only profitable if it is used correctly, the EVOLUTION technicians support the breeders in their choices: Which female to choose? For what reasons? What genotyping strategy should I adopt in my farm?...

To find out more about the opportunities provided by genotyping, farmers are also offered a training program: Ypsum.

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The purpose of Ypsum, the very first training program designed for livestock farmers, is to accompany the farmers in the construction of their own replacement strategy, in particular by better control of the new reproduction and genetic technologies (genotyping, sexed semen, monitoring, focus on genomics…).

This innovative training program has also been followed in its condensed version by all of the EVOLUTION technicians so that each of them can give information of the same quality to all farmers.

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