Genetic selection

Genetic selection

EVOLUTION was created by breeders anxious to preserve the control and ownership of their genetics. The XY Creation programs are therefore managed in very close collaboration with farmers who are members of EVOLUTION, as well as with farmers from partner cooperatives.


The dairy selection programs

Very early on, EVOLUTION participated in and benefited from the progress of research into biotechnologies, and the EVOLUTION selection programs are entirely based on genomics. This sophisticated use of new technologies enables the “XY Creation program” to develop world-famous genetics.

Unique of its kind, the XY Creation system places the most advanced tools at the disposal of farmers who own the best females and who have signed a contract, enabling them to make the best possible use of these elite genetic resources:

  • Donor stations are available to multiply progeny from the females selected, notably using embryo biotechnologies (OPU/IVF (ovum pick-up/ in-vitro fertilization) biopsy, sexing, embryo genotyping...).
  • Recipient networks contribute to optimizing the value of these embryos. This ensures the rapid dissemination of the best genetics to about 1500 herds that are signatories to our contracts.

The objective of the XY Creation dairy programs is to develop the genetic products (semen, embryos, breeding sires…) which correspond to the dairy production needs of our members and our French and international clients. This challenge demands a permanent watch over the expectations of dairy producers.


The beef selection programs

EVOLUTION is also involved in five beef breed programs, whether as project manager (Parthenais), associate (Charolais and Rouge des Prés) or partner (Blond d'Aquitaine and Limousin).

Whatever the system, each program is based on a strong central core of selection, on programs involving the new technologies (genomics, biopsy, sexing) and on foundation stock that are ready at all times to test the new champions (on-farm and on-station testing).

The biotechnologies provide accurate knowledge more rapidly, and the genetics of core herds can today be efficiently disseminated to all user-breeders in different forms (semen, embryos and breeding sires).

Selection in a beef breeds is now turned towards “easy-to-manage cows”. In addition to production traits (type growth, milk production) the accent is now on new criteria (fertility, hardiness, temperament).


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