The objective of the beef sector is to provide breeders with the services in genetics and reproduction that are the most relevant today, at the same time anticipating the needs of tomorrow. 


Analysis Centre

Technology watch, market monitoring and the evolution of the CAP, make it possible to understand the state of production as well as the challenges to come. The objectives of the sector are worked out from these analyses.


Creation Centre

5 technicians monitor the foundation herds:

  • Special Matings with bull dams
    • 450 Charolaises, 300 Blondes, 140 Parthenaises, 100 Limousines
  • Genotyping the calves born from those special matings
    • 500 in the 3 main breeds
  • Preselection of the animals
    • 800 calves at 9 months

They are also in charge of monitoring the test products:

  • Satisfaction survey
  • Analysis of temperament


Distribution centre

  •  Crossing

The sector develops ranges of bulls in the Charolaise, INRA 95, Parthenaise, Limousine and Belgian Blue White breeds that are the best response to the expectations of dairy farmers.

  • Easy Calving
  • Calf at three weeks
  • Young Bull 


  • Purebred

For the three main breeds, the sector has devised a computerized mating plan (Sélectis)

Advices are available on genetics and reproduction for breeders and field teams. 


The beef breed bulls are proposed in different ranges:

  • Problem-free Calving
  • Genetic Accumulation
  • Polled
  • Sexed
    • Grass Calf Special
    • Replacement Female