The strength of the EVOLUTION Normand breeding program: access to 70% of French resources.

To ensure the success of this program and above all respond to breeders’ wishes for progress, 6 experts in genetics cover the EVOLUTION territory.

To provide a more relevant response to the needs of the different breeding strategies, at national and international level, the XY Creation program takes the many different expectations into account via the choice of sires. Thus various segments of selection strategy are developed:


A few figures that characterize the Normand breed breeding program:

  • 60 embryo donors on-station at all times  
  • 1800 embryos produced
  • 7000 females inseminated with Bull Sires
  • 640 young male calves genotyped
  • 730 young females genotyped to which are added 6000 heifers genotyped by breeders
  • 90 young bulls selected
  • 50 bulls marketed