Red and White

Red and White

The Red and White breed is a specific breed with well-defined traits:

  • A balanced production rich in contents
  • A functional type turned towards the quality of feet and legs and udders
  • Well-established fertility and udder health traits

Well-adapted to the demands of modern milk production, this is the breed which has made the most business activity progress with EVOLUTION. In particular, it is used in crossbreeding with the Holstein breed.


The XY Creation Red and White breeding program in a few figures: 

  • 360 embryos produced
  • 400 females inseminated with Bull Sires
  • 106 young males genotyped
  • 130 females genotyped plus 300 genotyped by breeders
  • 25 males purchased
  • 15 males brought into service 


Please note: a special feature of the XY Creation Red and White breeding program; selection in this breed is made in close partnership with the Polish cooperative MCB. This cooperative covers a region where there is a predominance of Red and White breed cows, making it an important partner for the quality of the Red and White program.