Ouest Génis'

Ouest Génis'

The French leader in the marketing of dairy cattle females, Ouest Génis’ brings considerable additional income to breeders in the sale of their dairy females and ensures for their purchasers animals of top quality genetics and health. 


A national and international presence

Ouest Génis’ markets more than 13,000 breeding females (dairy heifers and cows of the Holstein, Normande and Red and White breeds….) for the members of this association of 11 cooperatives in the West of France. 


Eleven cooperatives make up Ouest Génis’:

The result of a long history and the progressive regrouping of departmental then regional structures, Ouest Génis’ has now acquired a national dimension; it has the human and logistical means to purchase the best animals from the heart of the principal European dairy area: the great West of France.

Ouest Génis’ has the best assets to market these animals throughout Europe, but also in North Africa, in Eastern European countries or in Lebanon. The Cooperative now carries out 60% of its activity at international level. 


See the video of the interview about the heifer market with Gilles Serais, the Marketing Director of Ouest Génis’

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Les coopératives qui font Ouest Genis’

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Partenaires Ouest Genis'