Buying heifers

Buying heifers

Ouest Génis’ is THE solution to find quality dairy cattle females!

The heifer from the Great West of France is:

Carte Ouest Genis'

  • Genetic quality acquired over a long period of time.
  • Impeccable health status.
  • Breeders with professionalism that is recognized all over the world.


By its size and volumes of animals marketed, Ouest Génis’ is also able to satisfy the needs of international purchasers at all times, and therefore ensures that your supplies are secure. Ouest Génis’ stands out as an essential partner on this market.

A reliable partner at international level

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Ouest Genis’ has the experience and know-how to ensure the routing of dairy cattle females in France and internationally, with its 4 assembly centers in the West of France, and with logistical means that have been tried and tested over many years.


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