Selling heifers

Selling heifers

Ouest Génis': to ensure the best possible added value for your animals

Carte Ouest Genis'

The size of the Ouest Genis’ client portfolio is a guarantee ensuring outlets and optimal added value for surplus animals on your farm. Raymond REULIER, the President of Ouest Genis’ and a breeder in the south of the Loire-Atlantique states the objective of this Association « Ouest Génis’ is the indispensable structure for us, the breeders, to keep in our own breeders’ hands the added value created by the genetics of the Great West of France ».

Able to propose large numbers of animals, Ouest Génis’ also has the necessary assets to carry weight in negotiations with their international purchasers. This enables you to obtain the best added value for the animals you wish to market, and for you, every assurance of being paid.

Ouest Génis' buys animals from breeders in the regions:

  • Brittany
  • Centre
  • Normandy
  • Pays de Loire
  • Poitou 


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