XY Creation

XY Creation

In our three breed programs, Normand, Holstein and Red and White, you can invest in embryos of high genetic value, from the best females contracted by the EVOLUTION Selection Program.

These XY Creation embryos will enable you to develop the female line and the genetic advance in your herd. 


High genetic level & wide and varied range

The dimension of the XY Creation program makes it possible to respond to a variety of breeder profiles and aims via a wide supply of available embryos (functionals, production, type…).

The conditions of access to XY Creation embryos are simple and enable the majority of breeders to diversify their herd with new bloodlines. Membership of the XY Creation partnership is required as well as a valid health status on the farm.


Excellent value for money

The purchase of XY Creation embryos is based on a first moderate payment including the placing of the embryo and genotyping the calf, and secondly, the payment of an additional price according to the genetic level of the females born.

Two types of embryos are available:

  • CAPITAL embryos : you keep all of the females born
  • OPTIMAL embryos : reduced price at the placing of the embryo, the 10% best females born returning to the farmer who owns the donor cow

In fact, the females born from XY Creation embryos are claimants to enter the Selection Program, but above all, they will ensure replacements of high genetic value in your herds.

For more information, about the modalities and about our offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.


You would like to become a member of XY Creation

You are interested in the embryos of the XY Creation program; to find out what to do, consult the following CAPITAL and OPTIMAL records.

Holstein breed CAPITAL OPTIMAL
Red and White breed CAPITAL OPTIMAL
Normande breed CAPITAL OPTIMAL