Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer

Why carry out Embryo Transfer (ET)?

  • Do you want to enhance the value of your best females?
    • Embryo transfer enables you to benefit from the high genetic potential of your females by increasing the numbers of their progeny.
    • You quickly improve your herd: your females with lower genetic quality carry the calves of the better ones.
    • Marketing your embryos is an additional source of income. You can benefit from the support of our competent services.


  • Do you want to improve the genetic level of your herd?

Thanks to the embryo, high quality genetics is accessible to all!
Embryo transfer enables you to acquire new effective bloodlines, either via the embryos from the XY Creation breeding program, or via commercial embryos.

For these commercial embryos, think of consulting our catalogue of embryos.

Today, with sexed semen embryo transfer (more concentrated), you choose the sex of the calf that is to be born.
Finally, genotyping now enables you to know with more accuracy, the genetic value of the parents, in other words, an additional guarantee for your purchases of embryos.


As the leader in cattle embryo transfer in France and Europe, EVOLUTION has infrastructures dedicated to selection and innovation based on the embryo.

  • Two donor stations that can accommodate 300 strategic heifers
  • Fifteen itinerant laboratories for collections and embryo transfers directly at the farm
  • One laboratory for in vitro fertilization (IVF)  and cutting edge Biotechnologies
  • an R&D service