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XPerf is the very latest global offer for female genotyping proposed by EVOLUTION. It replaces and updates the Génime and Profil DNA ranges.

EVOLUTION represents more than 200 samplers who take more than 35,000 DNA samples a year. 


By genotyping your heifers you can:

  • Get to know your animals better and very quickly (3 to 6 months of age)
  • Improve technical performances:
    • Speed up genetic advance,
    • Make sorting more relevant: sale of females, cull cows…
  • Optimize matings:
    • Choice of doses (sexed semen, crossing…)
    • Choice of sires (more precise individual mating).
  • Improve your control of replacement stock,
  • Improve the profitability of your farm. 



The choice of XPerf genotyping is:

  • A local, quality sampling service that is reactive and efficient,
  • Results which are quickly available: weekly information from the Early Genetic Value Indicators before the proofs become official three times/year.
  • Results that are easy to use:
    • Results in the form of individual and herd records 
    • Results accessible on the EVOLUTION extranet,
    • The proofs of the females used during the  XP Lait visit, Logo XP Lait
    • Personalized advice for each female by your inseminator or technician.
  • The possibility of assessing your Holstein, Normande, Red and White females but also Brown Swiss and Jersey.


3 modalities are proposed for genotyping females, adapted to the project and budget of each member:


  • You want to assess some of your females occasionally?
    Invoicing as the genotypings are carried out (interventions + genetic assessments).
  • You want to genotype all your heifers?
    Totem and Amélior Contracts: investment paid monthly, attractive prices.
  • You are also a user of sexed semen?
    The Pack of 10 sexed doses + 10 genotypings (available in Holstein, Red and White, Normande and Montbéliarde).



To guide and support livestock farmers in improving their control of genotyping and herd replacement, EVOLUTION also offers an innovative and participative training program: Ypsum.


Discover the training program   


EVOLUTION proposes XPerf genotyping in partnership with the livestock advice enterprises.