Sexed semen

Sexed semen

EVOLUTION is equipped with the leading laboratory for sexed semen in terms of production. Situated at the heart of our Bull Stud Station of St-Aubin-du-Cormier (35), this modern unit (July 2012) is a real asset for the cooperative and enables it to have the largest range of sexed bulls in France, as well as great reactivity. Subject to very strict protocols, the internal production guarantees sexed semen with a 90% reliability of quality!

Taurellerie de St-Aubin-du-Cormier

The sexed semen laboratory is situated at the heart of the bull stud station of St Aubin du Cormier
for more reactivity and better control of the health chain.


Using female sexed semen enables each breeder:

  • To control his replacements: the insurance of having a minimal quantity of female calves.
  • To obtain female calves from his best cows and heifers: more genetic advance.
  • To remain calm and serene: easy calving for your heifers and replacements that come from the herd (no health risk by females being introduced from outside).

In a nutshell: a real tool for managing dairy production.


Choosing EVOLUTION for sexed semen is:

  • 90% of calves of the chosen sex (female or male),
  • Fertile semen,
  • Safe supplies (we produce our own doses!),
  • Choosing the widest range available on the French market. 


3 modalities for accessing sexed semen are proposed to members:

  • The Ready-to-Use: sexed semen that is easy to access, directly available from the inseminator’s tank without making an order first (in the Holstein and Normande breeds).
  • The Ready-to-Order: a very wide range of bulls available with a prior order to vary the genetic profile of the bulls used. Available in all the dairy and suckler breeds.
  • The Pack of 10 sexed doses + 10 genotypings: technological innovation accessible at a very good price. To produce females in quality and quantity (available in Holstein, Red and White, Normande and Montbéliarde).
  • The Pack of 10 sexed doses (in suckler breeds).

Please note: male sexed semen is only available for suckler breeds.


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