As a specialist in bovine reproduction and genetics, EVOLUTION today offers a partnership of a choice in the management of herd renewal by providing an array of products and services that fully meet the wide-ranging demands of livestock farms.

These products and services encompass:

  • Genetics

EVOLUTION offers a complete range of top bulls from more than 20 different breeds, with semen immediately available in the inseminator’s tank (PAP) or on request, conventional or sexed. Every livestock farmer can find the genetic solution best-suited to their farm.

  • Renewal strategy

From training (Ypsum) to genotyping (Xperf), via mating solution (XP Lait), EVOLUTION is there to help livestock farmers with products and services that enable them to plan their own strategies for creating tomorrow’s herds.

  • Monitoring

The French leader in monitoring, EVOLUTION offers a range of solutions to monitor heat cycles, calving, health and nutrition in both dairy and beef cattle breeds.

Throughout the animal’s life, EVOLUTION offers products and services to optimize its presence on the livestock farm and shape the herd according to the farmer’s requirements.



Available single 1 January 2017, HORIZON is our product and service offer harmonized over the whole EVOLUTION area. It can be customized to fit the specific needs of every farmer.

HORIZON enables all livestock farmers to construct their herd renewal projects in response to their needs, and according to their own priority criteriaB:

  • Security

Implement their strategy for a known set investment spread out over the year.

  • Optimisation

Tailor investment to their reproduction objectives.Services in excess of the scheduled package are provided at additional cost.

With HORIZON, expenditures is easier to follow, thanks to its monthly payment facility for herd renewal costs.

The HORIZON offers are modular and fully customizable. The option you require can be chosen for every service.

  • For inseminations, Genetics ( Ready for Use) and Gestation Monitoring services, two types of offer are available:

- Classical offers: per service or all-in, with “as you go” payment,

- Overall offers “Essential” and “Infinite”: with a herd subscription and monthly payments spreat out over the year.

  • Additional services: Sexed semen, genotyping, synchronization of heat cycles, etc. extend these offers for complete controlled reproduction and genetic choice