Animal insemination

Animal insemination

Why use animal insemination?

Inseminating his dairy or beef cows and his goats enables each breeder:

  • To improve or preserve the health status of his herd (numerous diseases are passed on by natural service),
  • To benefit from genetic advance (with semen from bulls from the XY Creation Breeding Program or from our partners),
  • To limit risks of accident (in the absence of a bull),
  • To improve herd monitoring thanks to discussions with the inseminator. 


Why choose EVOLUTION for your animal inseminations?

Through our network of 800 field technicians, we maintain an active local cover of our territoty. This enables us not only to perform some 12.000 acts daily, but also to make an alert contribution to the dynamics and impetus of farming and rural business activity.


The EVOLUTION semen insemination service is:


  • A local service (90 agencies of 4 to 12 inseminators in your vicinity),
  • A service adapted to the needs of livestock farmers (1 or 2 rounds of animal inseminations a day and a service 6 days out of 7,  or 7 days a week depending on territories),
  • A quality service (inseminators with an appropriate initial training and whose technical performance is monitored on a monthly basis),
  • … and a useful objective view of your herd.


3 ways of inseminating the semen are proposed, so as to adapt to the project and budget of each member:

  • Fee for service,
  • During the first animal insemination (1st  insemination + returns included),
  • Unlimited (under the Amélior and Natoo contracts).