Mineral and nutritional products

Mineral and nutritional products

Only available in departments 49, 72, 79, 86, 37, 41, 18 and  36, EVOLUTION proposes a range of minerals, trace elements and other specific supplements adapted to the needs of your animals to optimize their production and reproduction performances.


Supplementing the dairy or beef cows enables each breeder:


  • To improve the reproduction results of his herd (1st function affected if there are any deficiencies),
  • To optimize production (cows with high production have high requirements which need to be satisfied using suitable supplementation),
  • To anticipate or respond to unbalanced nutrition (yeasts, hepatic-protector, glucose precursor…),
  • To prepare for estrus and mating thanks to a Fertility range. 


To choose Génoé as your supplier of minerals and nutritional supplements is to benefit:

  • From the quality of the products proposed,
  • From an appropriate wide range, at the right value for money,
  • from flexible logistics that are local to you,
  • From the availability and advice of our inseminators who are always there for you. 


Génoé offers to deliver direct to members’ farms for orders greater than:

  • 150 kg of buckets or blocks,
  • 350 kg of minerals (sack or big-bag)
  • 500 kg of raw materials. 


For full information, please contact your inseminator or our customer service on 02 40 79 02 74.


 catalogue mineraux   Download the Minerals catalogue 2014/2015