EVOLUTION is today a principal actor in goat reproduction. The group carries out about half of French goat inseminations, in other words about 35,000 goats inseminated a year, i.e. more than 350 herds distributed over 15 departments in the west of France.

With a team of 50 technicians specifically trained to work with goats, EVOLUTION carries out a daily reproduction service in the 400 member goat herds: inseminations, ultrasound, advice or support and guidance to breeders…

The cooperative also participates in research undertaken on goat reproduction and helps with validating the protocols or tools in real herd conditions. The principal objectives of this work are to respond to the expectations of the breeders for work to be simplified and consumer demand for quality at the same time respecting French and European regulations.

EVOLUTION is a stakeholder in the CAPGENES selection organization, the only production center for goat semen in France. CAPGENES leads the breeding program of the Alpine and Saanen dairy breeds and defines their objectives.

EVOLUTION is also established at international level by selling CAPGENES semen, the first selection program in the world in dairy goat production. In addition to the sale of semen and live animals, EVOLUTION offers a complete on-site technical guidance and support to its international customers.

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