The male goats proposed come from the selection program of the CAPGENES association of cooperatives, of which EVOLUTION is a member.

Breeding program

The goats come from planned matings carried out in French farms that take part in the control on performance and the breeding program. Each year, after a testing campaign, about 50 male goats (Alpine and Saanen) are approved to be included in the CAPGENES catalogue.

These male goats are classified according to their improver potential, calculated from a composite index, the Caprine Combined Index. This index combines dairy production traits (milk quantity, protein quantity, protein content, quantity of fat, fat percentage) and an assessment of the udder morphology. The CCI is calculated using a weighting between the Caprine Production Index (CPI) and the Caprine Morphological Index (CMI).

This proof is expressed according to a rolling base of 0 for the CCI and 100 for the CPI and the CMI. This makes it possible to evaluate the genetic value of the animals compared to the reference population (i.e. the population of goats at the control on performance).


Insemination bucks

There are 4 categories of male goats in the CAPGENES catalogue, classified according to their CCI (Combined Caprine Index):

  • Gènes Avenir: This concerns bucks with the best French genetics. All these male goats have a CCI higher than 5.5.
  • Program : Males whose CCI is between 3.5 and 5.4
  • Selection : Males whose CCI is between 2 and 3.4
  • Testing: the genetic value of these males is not yet known.
    Given that they are procreated from the best national breeding goats, they are for the most part improvers. The average CCI of males from the testing is 5.
  • + Reproduction: This concerns males from previous catalogues. Their CCI is between 1.2 and 1.9 still guaranteeing improver potential.

In addition, to simplify the use of the catalogue, the males are now classified according to their qualities:

  • the "Production" males : classified on the CPI
  • the  "Morphology" males : classified on the CMI
  • the  "Complete" males : classified on the CCI, i.e. a combination of CPI and CMI
Race Alpine – fille du C557
Race Alpine – fille du C557
Race Saanen – fille du T128
Race Saanen – fille du T128
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