With an average fertility of 62%, goat insemination makes it possible to ensure a replacement in reproductive goats or kids with semen of a good genetic value.

Insemination protocol

Several protocols for preparing the goats are available according to the desired insemination period, the constraints of the farm (respect for specifications) and the wishes of the farmer. Whatever the specific features of the farm, EVOLUTION suggests solutions adapted to needs so as to guarantee personalized solutions.

For more information you can contact your cooperative or refer to the technical details available under the heading « Reproduction ».


The Interest of insemination

Health interest

Animal insemination makes it possible to avoid propagating sexually transmissible pathologies via breeding goats and successive matings. It also avoids the purchase and introduction of breeding animals into your herd, thus limiting the risks of introducing pathogens.
The semen production center also guarantees semen free from many pathologies, thanks to inspections of the bucks’ herds of origin and of the bucks and their semen (In accordance with European and French regulations).

Genetic interest

Bucks producing semen come from the mating of the best national breeding animals (male and female).  The French selection program is unique in the world and enables the genetic value (index) of the individuals to be determined with great reliability. To provide the best possible response to sector expectations, the selection objectives and the available proofs regularly evolve, in particular with the recent arrival of proofs at the cellular level.

Using catalogues of different bucks, as much for the genetic family as for their performances, breeders can improve the genetics of their herd according to the following criteria: quantity of milk, protein content, fat content, udder morphology… The practice of animal insemination accelerates genetic advance and makes visible improvements to the performance of the herd: + 188 kg of milk and +0.4 g/kg of fat content and protein content.

Economic interest

Thanks to the genetic potential of animals born from animal inseminations, goat farmers can produce more milk and a better quality of milk. This improves the gross margin of the unit proportionally to the percentage of females born from animal inseminations in the herd. The selection program takes economically profitable criteria into account, with the result that the longevity of the animals can be improved (udder morphology, cells…).
And finally, animal insemination enhances the value of animals to be sold (kids, breeding animals).

Technical interest

Animal insemination enables reproduction to be rigorously planned in optimum conditions, with the added benefit of monitoring by a specialized technician. It allows births to be grouped, which facilitates herd management (feed, raising the young kids).

The individual management of reproduction also makes it easier to monitor lineage.

Performances en fonction du pourcentage de filles issues d'IA dans le troupeau
Source : Capgènes

Guide Caprin For further information about goat insemination, its interest and setting it up on your farm,
you can download the Guide to good practices in goat insemination
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