Equitechnic is the EVOLUTION subsidiary in charge of all the horse reproduction activities. With 30 years of experience in the treatment of stallion semen (fresh, refrigerated or frozen), the structure is now one of the only ones in France to store and distribute doses, both in France and for export. More than 8,500 doses (80,000 straws) are produced each year, in dedicated installations in Normandy and two partner stud farms.

Another spearhead of Equitechnic: embryo transfer. A team of specialized technicians, available 7 days a week during the mating season, carry out inseminations, ovulation analyses, collections and embryo placements. 700 collections and 350 transfers are carried out each season by all the team. When the owner of the donor mare does not have a recipient mare, 80 mares are available to receive the embryos produced.

Equitechnic also ensure the rental of nurse mares. Thus, when a mare has to be separated from its foal (mother with no milk, has had an accident or must go abroad for a new mating…), the foal can be adopted by a nurse mare whose lactation has been stimulated by induction. Selected for their maternal qualities, these mares are placed at the breeder’s disposal until the foal is weaned. 


Equitechnic in figures*

  • 78 stallions collected a year
  • 8.500 doses of semen produced 
  • 248 mares inseminated per season
  • 843 embryos collected a year
  • 507 embryos transferred including 100 on the Equitechnic recipient mares
  • 173 gestating recipient mares hired per season 
  • 40 adoptions of orphan foals 
  • 1.9 M € turnover 
  • 10 employees


Would you like to find out more? Discover the Equitechnic website.


* Figures for 2018