EVOLUTION International is the fruit of a partnership with several French genetics-based breeding cooperatives and companies.

With a team of the 18 persons (8 languages spoken), EVOLUTION International is the top France exporter of cattle and goat genetics. Present in 80 countries, in particular through its network of partner distributors, the company has brought progress in genetics to livestock farmers across the world for more than 50 years and is still expanding.

Among the factors that explain the success of EVOLUTION International are its broad range of dairy and suckler cattle and goat breeds, and its multi-species expertise.

“International development was one of our main commitments when EVOLUTION was created. Our objective was to gain international outreach for the economic benefit of French livestock farmers. Our breeding schemes produce the genetics required by livestock farmers worldwide for dairy breeds, beef breeds and goats.”


Dominique VIMOND
President of EVOLUTION International Committee


Assistant General Director - BU Aval International


“EVOLUTION has made international development one of its top priorities and is structurally ready to appraise international market trends and plan for future demand. To this end, the Cooperative has engaged a twofold strategy: its international subsidiary EVOLUTION International, and its partners and subsidiaries outside France: TAURUS EVOLUTION, EVOLUTION Iberica, EVOLUTION Deutschland and EVOLUTION USA”

Since 2017, EVOLUTION International has been organized around three development thrusts:

  • Offer products than meet the requirements of our markets and customers
  • Secure production to forestall possible health risks
  • Invest in our in-house sales force and strengthen our distribution network



  • 1 800 000 doses sold
  • 24 cattle breeds sold and 3 commercialised goat breeds
  • 9 M turnover


For more information, please consult the EVOLUTION International website.


*Figures for 2017