XY Creation

XY Creation

The XY Creation Cattle Selection program is at the heart of EVOLUTION’s ambitions. Its mission is to provide the members and clients of the cooperative with genetic solutions of very high quality, satisfying their different expectations as well as present and future nutritional and environmental challenges.



Based on the control of biotechnologies and innovations, the program consists of animals selected and fashioned by the use of genomics. A work of high genetic precision which today enables EVOLUTION to be the n°1 in France, n°2 in Europe and n°6 in the world in the field of bovine genetics.

The dairy breeds in the XY Creation Breeding Program:

  • Holstein
  • Red and White
  • Normande

The beef breeds in the XY Creation Selection Program:

  • Charolaise
  • Rouge des prés
  • Parthenaise


How does the Breeding program work?

The sustainability of the genetic creative process requires team work within a network of breeders and technicians. For more than sixty years, the historical cooperatives (Amélis, Génoé and Urcéo) have been able to create, develop and run this network which places the breeder at the heart of the system and which is a force to satisfy the interests of each of them. A commitment that is still present, since XY Creation works every day to keep the sharing of genetic ownership in the hands of the farmers.

The structure is founded on the signature of a Partner Breeding Framework Agreement. This agreement aims at consolidating the partnership between the breeder-creator and EVOLUTION, and fixes the framework in which this partnership is exercised. Once this framework agreement is signed, various types of contracts can be proposed to the breeder according to the quality and genetic originality of his animals. The signing of an XY Creation contract is made by mutual agreement between the breeder and EVOLUTION, in respect for genetic creation objectives and the breeder’s choice of direction.

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Breeder-creators are offered various advantages:

  • Financial or logistical assistance to encourage an increasing number of animals under contract
  • Availability of embryo donor stations
  • Networks of donor-recipients


XY Creation Program: genetic creation of international scope

The two major targets of this selection program are to develop an international dimension and satisfy increasing world demand for genetics.

XY Creation must also strengthen its position as a world benchmark for genetic creation. With this in mind, EVOLUTION invests in research and relies on genomic selection. The control of genetic variability is a particularly important, even essential component to which the selection program is strongly attached.


Embryo donor stations: an obvious asset for farmers