Since November 2013, EVOLUTION has had a training subsidiary: Formaxyon. The structure is intended to respond to the many needs of farmers for in-service training in their different missions.

Two training programs are now provided by Formaxyon :

  • 1835: a training cycle dedicated to administrators.
  • Ypsum: strategies for herd replacements.

The vocation of Formaxyon is to work in collaboration with the different actors in the sector (dairy industrialists, advice agencies…) to progress together in the same direction.




CLOSE-UP on : Ypsum, training in herd replacement strategy


In 15 years, livestock farming has known more technological innovations than in a century (genomics, sexed semen, monitoring…) and the CAP reform opens new prospects for livestock farms.

Each farmer must position himself on these elements and integrate them into the operation in order to build his breeding project. The choices of replacement strategies are at the heart of this structure since they impact both the short-term (number of females in production, number of calves to be born…) and the long term (quantity and quality of the milk produced in 3 years, type of animals to come…).

EVOLUTION therefore wishes to guide and support farmers in understanding and mastering these new tools. The aim is that each member has the number and quality of animals that will enable him to attain his objectives.


Ypsum Level 1

  • What will my production strategy be with the end of quotas?
    • To produce more? With more cows? With fewer cows?
    • To produce as much? With fewer cows?
  • Sexed semen, genotyping… do they work? Must I use these tools more massively?
  • How much will it bring me in?
  • Do I have to do more meat crossing? Will that pay for my genetic investments?

If you are asking yourself one of these questions, the YPSUM level 1 training course is made for you!

This part-time course combines group work in the classroom and individual advice on the farm. It deals with genetic and economic aspects, herd performances and dairy policy. Each farmer goes away after defining the strategy specific to his farm and having built his action plan personalized according to his own choices and constraints.

Open to all, the Ypsum training program is designed for all farmers in the area of the Amélis, Génoé and Urcéo cooperatives. 
With one session per inseminator agency, each farmer is sure of finding one less than 30 km from his farm.

To consult the presentation of the training program 

Ypsum Level 2 

This 2-day training program in the classroom is reserved for farmers who have taken part in level 1. It takes stock, one year later, of the project of each farmer with 2 main aims:

  • To identify and make secure the factors for success of each project, in particular the detection of heats and calving.
  • To quantify the gain (economic and technical) over the long term made possible by genomics and the new technologies.
To consult the presentation of the training program 


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