On 25 October 2014, EVOLUTION purchased one of the most famous genetic analysis laboratories and the only genomic analysis laboratory in France: Labogena. A purchase which comes within the development logic driven by the creation of EVOLUTION, at the same time remaining within the philosophy of the cooperative: to keep genetics in the hands of breeders rather than let it go to private firms.

Labogena was created in 1994 to supplement the animal genetic analysis activities proposed by the INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research). High technology tools, such as high-speed genotyping platforms, and its experts, make the laboratory a cutting-edge reference as regards biotechnologies. 

Technical Sheet

With a turnover of 4,1 million euros, the laboratory carried out 400 000 analyses last year including 240 000 in the bovine sector. The laboratory carries out genetic analyses on the donkey, cattle, dog, goat, rabbit, horse, cat, sheep, fish, pig and poultry species. Its fields of analysis are:

  • Lineage
    validation of the compatibility of genealogies.
  • Determination of genes of interest
    Casein Kappa (dairy cattle), color genes (red factor in cattle, Agouti, Extension, Cream genes in horses),
    polled and double-muscling (cattle)...
  • Anomalies and genetic illnesses
    RN (pigs), CLAD (dogs), BLAD (cattle), PrP (Scrapie - sheep), CVM (cattle)...
  • Genotyping
    at the end of indexing (only cattle)


To find out more, please consult the Labogena website