Research & Development

Research & Development

Today, innovation and R & D represent a challenge for the future and a necessity in a world where livestock farming is moving fast all the time.

Conscious of the challenges, EVOLUTION has placed innovation among its priorities. A commitment which requires the cooperative to be strengthened and structured so as to promote: the organization of R & D, an increased budget allocated to research, technological watch, dialogue with industrialists in the Milk and Meat sectors, opening the company up to new scientific and academic networks, new sources of funding…Research and innovation have an impact on many services of the cooperative.


As the mainstay of innovation, our R & D is now composed of 8 people. It is also assisted by about twenty other employees who occasionally make a contribution to the various projects according to their skills. Agri-agro engineers, doctors in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry or veterinary medicine, the specialization of each one guarantees real expertise.

The task of EVOLUTION Research & Development is to control and anticipate the technical and technological innovations to come in the fields of livestock farming. 3 fields are concerned: genetics (new indices, analysis of the genome, engineering the breeding programs), reproduction (production of semen and embryos) and monitoring. Although most projects relate to the bovine species, projects are currently in progress in all the EVOLUTION species (pig, goat, horse and rabbit).

R&D: missions and tools

Only intended for applied innovation, EVOLUTION R & D study the data emanating from livestock farms (genealogies, production and reproduction data), but also data sent by industrialists, distributors, consumers, NGO…

To be a principal actor in innovation, EVOLUTION is founded on a dense network of partners (selection companies, basic research structures …) and on powerful tools:

  • Five laboratories situated in the bull stud units and the embryo donor stations (the large number of animals accommodated in the EVOLUTION structures makes it possible to have extensive reference and study bases for true reliability of results).
  • The Labogena laboratory


EVOLUTION R&D is 50 projects in progress today. 4 patents are due to be submitted in 2014.